Meet The Board

We are excited to announce that after two years of being an active platform, IAS is now registered as a non-profit charity organisation (allmännyttig ideell förening) in Sweden.

We thank you for your support the past two years and hope to continue with providing content that is inspiring, insightful and helpful.

This year, we will focus on the agenda “Through the lens of an international architect”.

The 2023-2025 IAS board consists of:

Fatima Grand RIBA ARB SAR/MSA , Architect (chair), British/Iranian, Malmö

Rachel Lindberg, Architect (treasurer), Australian/British, Malmö

Mayra Reis, Architect and Urban Designer (secretary), Brazilian, Stockholm

Lisa Sukholovsky, Interior Architect (general board), Russian, Gothenburg

Arnaud BAAS, Architect (general board), French, Gothenburg

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers for helping us build IAS:

Current: Alison L. Singer, SAR/MSA, RA New York, NCARB, Migena Sula, Emina Cekic Suljic

Past: Chiara Lombardi, Nada Madhoon , Anna Clarizio, Paula Martins de Oliveira Sara Rós Ellertsdóttir, Apurva Prasanna, Brian Faitt, Afrina Zabeen, María Jesús Blanco Matilla

Please get in touch if you wish to collaborate!